Supreme Quality RAW Automatic Rolling Box - King Size

Supreme Quality RAW Automatic Rolling Box - King Size

Raw Rizla

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  • Raw Brand Rawthentic Automatic 110mm Rolling Box (New product from Raw)
  • RAW® Automatic Roll Box, Stylish Packaging, Steel Metal Casing, Soft Nylon Apron, Non Stretch Apron, RYO - Roll Your Own, Automatic Roller For Papers Up To: 110mm, High Quality Easy to Use, Length - 130mm Width - 110mm Depth - 32mm, Instructions Included
  • The RAW Automatic Roll Box is the perfect accessory for the RYO enthusiast. Made of thick steel with an amazing black finish that is sure to impress all your friends when you break it out at your next session. With the RAW Automatic Roll Box you will be rolling the perfect smoke every time.
  • New product from Raw. If you're a RAW fan or just simply a Roll Your Own Guru, this is a must have for every collection. Keep your tobacco, papers and accessories on you at all times in a good looking, neat, and organised fashion.


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